Standard Email

Basic email services

As much as we would advise councils that an Office 365 Plan 1 email account is best practice, we realise that cost can sometimes be a contributing factor to decisions. Therefore we do offer a more basic package which is based on the number of addresses required.

  • Basic email features like sending and receiving emails.
  • Organising emails into folders.
  • 1GB storage.
  • Webmail / browser based. Works on a range of computers / tablets using IMAP.

If you feel you need more advanced features then please visit of Office 365 page.

Standard Email

£150 / annual (ex VAT)
  • 20 Email Addresses.
  • 1GB email storage.
  • Basic spam features.
  • Puts the Council in charge.
  • Domain based email addresses.
  • Setup one cost of £50, for all emails.

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