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Why use Active Council websites?

Active Council utilises the Web Communication System (WCS) to power its websites, a proprietary system developed exclusively by WJP Software Limited (Active Council's parent company). WCS is engineered to simplify parish clerks' responsibilities through efficient document management and easy, streamlined content management; ensuring the parish or town council meets compliance requirements and that websites are accessible to the W3C WCAG WAI-AA (2.2 for all public facing parts of the website) standard.

Designed for cross-platform compatibility, WCS ensures optimal display and functionality across various devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Compliance with government standards is provided as standard, with an accessibility statement provided to reflect the features employed on your website.

Along with all that, our helpful support staff understand councils well and can not only provide functional help, but advice based on best practices. Best of all we annual carry out Cyber Essentials and ISO audits to show how committed we are to data security.

Below are the features of Active Council websites:

Document Management
Page Management

Full Document Management

Easily add documents from your computer to your website such as Word files, Excel files,...

Planning Applications

Setting a parish boundary allows WJPS to display the last 2 years of relevant planning...

Councillor Profiles

Add information and photographs of your team members easily to any page of your site,...

Photo Galleries

Showcase photos on your site in style with WCS's built-in Image Gallery - with full...

Page Add-Ons

Have any repeated information (such as contact details) that needs to go on multiple pages? Put...

Events Calendar

Schedule your meetings, local events, deadlines into WCS’s built in Calendar. Includes built-in support for regular,...

Edit In-Place

Need to make a quick change to one of your pages? Make lightning-fast alterations by just...

Page Drafts

Working on a new page of your website that isn't quite ready for public display? Save...

Flexible Contact Form

Have your audience contact you directly from your website. Our Contact Form also allows enquiries to...

Comprehensive User Management

Easily and effectively organise the Users of your website and specify what they can do. Restrict...

News stories

With our 'News Stories' feature you can add news to your website in an easy...

Beautiful on all Devices

We’ve designed WCS to look fantastic on both mobile and desktop platforms. Your website will detect...

Optimised for Search Engines

WCS is optimised out-of-the-box to be easily indexed by search engines such as Google and...

Fully Accessible to All

Public-sector websites are now required by law to adhere to accessibility regulations – luckily WCS...

Email Accounts

Need official email accounts for your organisation? We’ll happily set you up with accounts you can...

Visitor Data

See the data on how many visitors your site is getting, how long they spend...

Your Brand, Your Design

Customise your website with own brand colours and stand out from the crowd. If required, as...

Fully Audited

Nearly every modification to your site is logged, allowing you to see when changes were...

Spam Prevention

WCS employs the use of modern CAPTCHA technology to help prevent automated spam from your...

Compare Editions

Active Council's website solutions come in three editions: Pro, Standard and Lite. Each version is tailored with specific features to suit varied needs.

Features Pro Standard Lite
User Accounts Unlimited Up to 15 Councillors
& 4 Officers
Up to 6 Councillors
& 1 Officer
Administrator Accounts Unlimited 10 2
Easy Content Editor for Non-Technical Users
Flexible Contact Form
News Stories
W3C WCAG WAI-AA compliant
GDPR compliant
Works on all Devices (Responsive Design)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Spam prevention
Your brand, your style, your Website
Basic Visitor Data
Logo Design Extra cost Extra cost
Document Management  
Planning Applications  
Councillor Profiles  
Photo Galleries  
Event Calendar  
Full Auditing System  
Standard Analytics (Detailed Monthly Reports)  
Full Analytics (24/7 Access + Custom Reports)    
Migration 30 Pages 10 Pages  
Page Version Control    
Pricing Pro Standard Lite
Setup Cost £1099 £799 £349
Annual Support Starting at £349 / year Starting at £249 / year Starting at £149 / year

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